Members Name Joined Nickname Deceased
1. Glenn Orr (Founder) 1933 Grand Exalted Walrus 1971
2. Jack Prodanovich (Co-founder) 1933 Walrus 2008
3. Ben Stone (Co-founder) 1933 Porpoise 2005
4. Jack Cobeluy 1933 Frog-kick 1976
5. Bill Battzlof 1938 Barnacle Bill 1966
6. Wally Potts 1939 One Long Dive 2002
7. Lamar Boren 1943 Soupfin 1986
8. Tucker Miller 1943 Big Bug 1945
9. Rob Rood 1943 Flat Fish 1985
10. Don Clark 1950 Trigger Fish 1988
11. Jim Stewart 1951 Sheephead ?
12. Al Larson 1953 Dr. Grouper 1960
13. Bau Smith 1954 Flying Fish ?
14. Carl Hubbs 1955 Professor Gray Whale 1979
15. Earl Murray 1955 Great Cormorant ?
16. Earl Habecker 1960 King Fish ?
17. Bill Johnson 1964 Sand Dollar Bill ?
18. Harold Riley 1969 Parrotfish 1970
19. Jack Taylor 1969 Sea Horse 1979

Total (#19) Club Members
Three men – Glenn Orr, Jack Prodanovich and Ben Stone – started the Bottom Scratchers, an invitation-only group of watermen who became the founding fathers of free diving.

Glenn Orr and Jack Prodanovich started diving in 1932 off sunset cliffs in San Diego California with a pair of long distance swimming goggles Glen had acquired. They had to share the goggles because Glen only had one pair. One would hang on the floating inner-tub while the other dove for abalone. The goggles had uneven lenses so Jack had to close one eye to get a clear view but the goggles allowed underwater vision to hunt and gather.

Jack began building and improving with a variety of new goggle ideas for underwater hunting. Eventually masks and snorkels evolved for advanced underwater hunting.

The Bottomscratchers dive club was formed around a group of friends sharing their catch for an afternoon barbeque after a day of diving. The 1930’s were the great depression years and quality food was hard to come by.